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  • Wild Boar in the Wild

    Hunting days are Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from October to December.

    The hunt is a driven hunt with a pack of dogs who drive the prey towards the hunters’ positions. Each hunter is appointed a position and will be accompanied by a member of the hunting team who will assist him during the hunt.

    The hunt lasts four hours in the morning and is followed by lunch in the open air with the hunters. Those who wish may resume huntingin the afternoon.

  • Hunting in a Reserve

    Hunting on a reserve can take place all year round every day except Tuesdays and Fridays.

    One can hunt pheasant and partridge, wild boar and deer.

    The reserve provides the animals you require, dogs, guns, ammunition and a guide to assit you. 
  • Truffle Hunting

    Truffles are hunted with trained dogs. A guide will take you to a truffle hunting area where you will follow the dogs and watch them dig out the truffles. 

    You may purchase the truffles found and we will be pleased to prepare a traditional truffle dish for you.